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THE DETAILS   The anticipation, the food, the atmosphere, and the event flow. The event your guests didn’t want to end. They talk about your event for months – long after the thank yous have been sent. This is the type of event we plan for you. Using a combination of style, artistic sophistication, strategy, and flare, your event will be both memorable and well executed. Precise attention will be given to every detail.

AJ Williams not only provides logistical event services, but adds graphic design, fundraising, event publicity, and event marketing services to create ROI for our clients. We bring brands to life through events. Whether your event is intimate and simple or extravagant and media worthy, our consultants enhance every creative detail to make it a reflection of your vision.

STRATEGY   We’re all about smart planning. We identify challenges and uncover opportunities by evaluating your event then we strategically think outside the box to conceptualize that carrot to dangle to leverage your goals with only your objectives in mind. Our proven creative process incorporates all facets of your objectives into a cohesive, integrated marketing platform that promotes brand loyalty.

CREATIVE | GRAPHIC DESIGN   Our graphics team will concept a memorable theme, invitation, event logo, brand image, and event materials to support the goals and design of your program. Original and creative themes increase attendee anticipation and maximize the impact of your message.

EVENT PUBLICITY   AJ Williams Events generates media attention and buzz with flair. The goal of event publicity is to inform and persuade. We develop celebrity/influencer events that make noise and create buzz, coupling them with strong traditional PR plans that amplify your branding. With experience and expertise that are unmatched, and with media connections that span multiple industries and markets, we bring our clients to the forefront. And we leave the public wanting more.

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Our services are based on raising our clients' image, sales and bottom-line results. We emphasize powerful and proactive event publicity efforts. At the end of the day, our clients look to us for results, and we deliver.

Social Media We have an unparalleled understanding of the social media space. In the world of Facebook, AJ creates campaigns and event promotions distinctly crafted to each client's needs. We cover YouTube to Twitter, E-mail Databases to Text Messaging, and other forms of Online Marketing.

EXPERIENTIAL MARKETING   AJ Williams Events creates and executes marketing campaigns designed specifically for each of our clients' objectives. As a fully integrated event marketing company, we understand the importance of formulating unique and innovative solutions to help our clients reach their target market in this rapidly evolving consumer environment. In order to differentiate our client's brands, we aim to produce compelling and inspirational interactive experiences that leave lasting impressions. Our team has created unique, publicity-driven concepts and event-specific media strategies. Along with concept development, our team can create original city-wide events, corporate roll-outs, festivals, and live performances, including script writing, talent selection, choreography, costume design, staging, etc.
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